Sunday, June 22, 2008

High school pics

My Mom and I were sorting through some family pictures yesterday, and we came across the following photos (among many others). Here is my (maternal) grandmother's senior year of high school picture, circa 1924:

And here is my mother's, circa 1954:

And here is mine, circa 1980:

My Grandma's got a bit of the Mary Pickford look going here, and my Mom seems to be channeling Grace Kelly. I was always dressing like Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

I lost count of the number of girls in high school who told me (in all seriousness, like they were helping me), "Your slip is showing" when I wore white petticoats that hung below my long printed skirts. ("Duh, it's not a slip, and it's SUPPOSED to show!") As well as the number of boys who asked me (seriously, as if they just couldn't understand), "Why are you wearing a tie?" ("Duh, didn't you see Annie Hall?") Massachusetts suburbanites ... truly the fashion clueless.

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