Saturday, November 1, 2008

So long, perfectionism

There was something in the air today -- I found myself completely unable to stick to the SHOULDs I usually impose on myself.

I meant to spend the morning doing things I "should" do -- laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, grading homeworks, doing dishes -- but a little art got in the way, and I suddenly found myself with a studio full of groovy new monotypes. Here are three of my favorites:

Later on, my sense of discipline went even further out the window. I had eaten no candy for Halloween yesterday, not one bite. In fact, the last bite of chocolate I had was at a family birthday party in August. But my resolve had to give out sooner or later. I passed the vending machine at school this afternoon, and I suddenly found myself $1 poorer, with a Snickers bar in my hand. I felt a momentary pang of guilt .. but as I removed the wrapper, I decided I might as well stop trying to be perfect.

Tomorrow I'll go back to healthy eating, and tomorrow I'll finish the laundry and grading papers. But today seemed like a good day to be a human being (imperfect!).

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