Sunday, November 2, 2008

You can forget about my vote

It is 9:30 AM (including time change) on a Sunday morning. I usually work on Sundays; I happen to have today off. And this will be my only day off until next Tuesday, November 11, the Veterans Day holiday.

The peaceful atmosphere of my living room was just shattered by the jangling of the telephone. It was a call from the office of a candidate for Senate whom I was already prepared to vote for, urging me not only to vote for her but to cast my vote a certain way on one of the referendum questions slated to appear on the Massachusetts ballot on Tuesday.

Since this call was a recording, I was not able to answer the telephone and yell my rage at this invasion into the receiver. An online search was not able to turn up any sort of a website for this candidate, so I couldn't email her office either. Hence, my blog entry.

Madam, I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. If you think it is acceptable behavior to telephone a constituent at home, early on a Sunday morning, and push them not only to vote for you but to vote a certain way on a particular referendum question, you clearly do not have my best interests at heart, nor do you give my intelligence, my sense of reason, or my right to freedom the slightest amount of credit or consideration.

Not only do I now intend NOT to vote for you, I plan to vote for your opponent. Have a nice day.

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