Saturday, December 20, 2008

Step away from the canvas

This happens to me every December. There's a little pause at the end of the fall semester, and I have all my Christmas shopping done, so I "should" have plenty of free time. Plus, this year there was even a blizzard that pretty much kept me inside today. Sounds like the perfect setup for a painting spree, right?

Wrong! I am too fried from the semester, and I just have NO desire to paint! This condition usually lasts only a week or so, until after Christmas Day, and then I'm back in the studio with paintbrush in hand. But I've learned to deal with my annual holiday sluggishness with a good book or movie, and/or just staring out the window and humming Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Snowflakes.

I did actually spend many hours in my home office today, sorting through my filing cabinet and organizing jpgs of my artwork on the computer. For someone who is basically quite organized, I didn't have a lot of rhyme or reason as to how the images were sorted. I realized I don't even have a complete list of who owns my work and which pieces they own, so I need to get that together over the next day or so.

I found a huge folder of jpgs of older work that I thought I had lost. It was there all along; I had tucked it into another folder somewhere else than where I was looking!

I love looking at old pieces to figure out where I've come from, and if there are certain directions I might want to revisit. The piece at the top is from, I think, 2000. At the time, I was doing a lot of spray-painting through trivets onto fabric, then cutting and collaging the fabric pieces onto stretched canvas. I named it "Scallop" because it reminded me of seashells, but the stencil was really a little metal grille about 5 inches in diameter.

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