Friday, December 19, 2008

A Walter Mitty moment

The weather forecast for my area of the country is for an impending blizzard, up to a foot of snow, starting around noontime today, so like everyone else around, I hastened to the grocery store early this morning and chucked a loaf of bread and some milk (in my case, soy milk) into a shopping cart.

Back on the road, I had one of those Walter Mitty moments. Suddenly I was the woman with the white gauze dress in Botticelli's "Primavera," frolicking through the woods and picking wildflowers. Ahhhh. Sigh.

Now I love snow, and I love Christmas, and the salesclerks and my fellow shoppers today were polite and friendly. But I couldn't help having a little daydream ... that the sun is beaming down, and there's a warm breeze in my hair, and the fragrance of roses wafts through the air ... Ahhhh. There I go again!

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