Saturday, January 3, 2009

End of one blog, start of two others

I have decided to alter my blogging habits -- not for any dramatic reason, perhaps just for the sake of change (I am, after all, a Gemini), but definitely in response to a desire and need to streamline and simplify.

I will no longer be writing in this art blog. Instead, I have created two new blogs: one,, will contain entries showing brand-new pieces as I create them. I will doubtless be adding new images there regularly, as I am a very prolific painter.

My second blog,, features listings of current and upcoming exhibits of my work, also to be regularly updated, since I continue to show my work on a regular basis.

Both of these blogs will eventually be available as links directly from my website,, under the headings "latest work" and "news."

I want to thank those who have been loyal readers of this art blog. I have received many interesting and supportive comments since I first began blogging in May 2007.

Right now, I feel all "blogged out." I might decide to resume regular blog entries of observations on various subjects, as I have done on this blog, at some point in the future. I certainly intend to continue my career as a professional writer, although it is not clear to me at the moment exactly what form that direction will take. But for now, simply using the blog format to publicize my exhibits and show my latest works seems like the best and most natural course for me to take.

I invite you to visit my two new blogs regularly, to keep up with the latest in my art career, and again I thank you most sincerely for your kind interest and support, past and future.

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