Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Graphite" series

Made this series of 3 pieces, titled "Graphite," last night/this morning. Each painting is 20 inches square.

I'm excited about the technique I used to make them. The lines are acrylic extruded through a squeeze bottle (originally white on a canvas painted white). The backgrounds are tiny amounts of black paint, lightly brushed on, over and over, back and forth. The diluted paint leaves a smooth trace going over the paint lines, but it sinks into the absorbent canvas and shows off the cross-weave texture.

I like the way this technique and coloration together give the look of graphite pencil marks on textured paper (hence the title), even though those aren't the actual materials used. In other words, it looks "dry" but it was made "wet."

Here are closeups of the surface of each of the three.

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