Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Studio happenings

Welcome to my studio this morning! Here are a few new pieces. This one (40 inches square) I just completed and I'm happy with what happened. I wasn't able to apply the final blue wash evenly (if you go over any one area too many times, the white lines get covered), but this ended up creating depth and a sense of a downward vertical rushing movement.

Here's a smaller piece (20 inches square) that didn't turn out as expected, but I like what happened:

By accident, I discovered this dry brush technique (the light areas), so I think I'll try it again on a larger painting.

And here's a little shot of my studio floor! Don't wear your new Manolo Blahniks in here.


Deborah S said...

My new Manolo Blahniks, ha ha ha. I'll try very hard indeed not to drip paint on them.

Catherine Carter said...

But feel free to wear your bedroom slippers. I always do! ;-)