Saturday, August 4, 2007

How quickly they forget

I had a funny experience in the studio yesterday. I suddenly had an idea for a new collage technique. It seemed like a great idea that would highlight all the good things about the materials and methods I use, while working around the things that didn't usually go so well. I knew it would look great!

So I spent most of the day preparing to try out my idea -- stretching canvases of various sizes and priming them, as well as creating sheets of marks on fabric to use for the collage. This took a long time, as it was so humid yesterday that everything was slow to dry, even with a fan trained directly on it.

While waiting for everything to dry, I wondered why I hadn't thought of this great idea before. It seemed so obvious now, such a perfect solution.

Finally I was able to start collaging. And as I cut the first strips of fabric and started to glue them on the canvas, I remembered: I HAD tried this technique before, this exact same thing, and it had totally BOMBED! Oh-oh! I went ahead and finished anyway (results above), and it isn't as bad as I remembered it from the previous try, but it certainly isn't a satisfying result to me.

So ... back to the old electronic brain (as Marvin the Martian would say).


K. R. Seward said...

Looks better than you say.

Maybe you only forgot so as to revisit the idea & give it another try.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you for the kind words! I did find it interesting, though, that I TOTALLY blanked on this technique.