Friday, May 16, 2008

Feathering the nest

Robin Family Update: The baby robins whose family who has taken up residence in our rhododendron bush are growing up! Their fluffy coats have been replaced by feathers, and their breasts are speckled with brown in anticipation of the bright red to come.

This photo was taken by my husband just a few days ago, and today they have started exploring the area outside the nest! Just perching among the bush branches, so far, but they’ll be trying their wings before long.

In other news, today I received a lovely letter from Janet E. Garvey, the United States Ambassador to Cameroon, thanking me for loaning my work through the ART In Embassies Program. She wrote, “I wish you could see how lovely your ‘Twist’ and ‘Pucker’ look in my dining room. I can tell you that visitors to the residence are delighted to see such terrific examples of contemporary American art.”

I was thrilled to receive this letter. Totally made my day … well, year. Here are the two paintings on loan and currently hanging in the ambassador's residence in Africa.

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