Sunday, November 9, 2008

Artists on a "Long Journey"

Here are the artists in "Long Journey," the group show I'm in at the Artspace Gallery in Maynard, Massachusetts, taken at the opening reception on November 8. For more information, click here.

Front row, from left to right, Jennifer Maestre, Ruth Rosner, and Virginia Fitzgerald. Back row, from left to right, me (Catherine Carter), Catherine Evans (curator of the exhibit), Jeanne Williamson, and Jero Nesson (director of the Artspace Gallery).


Kate Beck said...

Nice image, Catherine!
LOVE your coat -- did you make it??


Catherine Carter said...

Hi, Kate, it's a Marshalls special! Wish I could take credit for making it, only for finding it. Thank you, glad you like it!

You can't see it well from the photo, but Jeanne Williamson is wearing a beautiful and distinctive blouse, also from Marshalls. So our picture is a tribute to the successes of discount shopping.