Friday, November 14, 2008

Icons + Altars exhibit online

The "Icons + Altars" benefit auction I participate in each year, held at and in support of the New Art Center in Newton, Mass., has posted its exhibition on line as of this morning. Click here to see the variety of fun, elegant and/or intriguing works in this year's show!

Artists are given the general guideline of creating an "altar" or "icon," and we're asked to work smaller than 18" in any direction, but beyond that, it's up to the individual exactly what to concoct. The results are an eclectic and stimulating (and affordable) group of artworks.

My husband and I always spend time wandering through the gallery on our own, then we get together and compare notes, picking our individual top five favorites and top ten favorites. Often we agree on at least a few, and end up bringing up one or two that the other would have missed.

This year my top five are (in alphabetical order) Heidi Dauphin, Pablo Gonzalez, Julie Levesque, Laura Tangusso, and Julie Weiman.

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