Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another benefit to the D.I.Y. approach

In making some works on paper (started yesterday, continued this morning), I've come across a great discovery.

Now that I'm diluting my acrylic paint myself instead of buying it as already "fluid" (this blog entry describes that decision), I just realized that my latest batch of diluted white was a bit more watery than usual. I pouted when I first realized how "soft" looking, almost translucent my layers were when I first rolled them out with the brayer.

Then I realized, "Wait -- translucent layers! That's a GOOD thing!"

So it occurs to me that now that I'm making my own concoctions, I can intentionally vary the paint-to-water ratio, depending on how opaque or transparent I want the layers. This hadn't come up when I was just using the manufacturer-prepared paints. Yay!

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