Saturday, April 26, 2008

My work inside the new "Studio Visit"

Yay! I have a two-page spread in the hot-of-the-presses, first edition (volume 2) of "Studio Visit," a magazine published by Open Studios Press, the folks who produce "New American Paintings." The juror for this edition was Michael Lash, Museum and University Arts Consultant and former Director of Public Art for the City of Chicago.

I'm also happy to report that Deborah Bohnert, one of my absolute favorite artists, is also featured in this issue. I am definitely in excellent company.

Confession: I have applied to "New American Paintings" almost every year since I finished graduate school in 1998, and I have never been accepted. The repeated rejections only steeled my determination. But as the years rolled by, I started having visions of myself on my death bed, opening an acceptance letter from Open Studios Press as my last act on earth. So getting into this magazine is one thing I can cross off my "to do in this lifetime" list. (Now I can turn my attention to climbing Mount Everest, or vacuuming under the couch.)


Kate Beck said...

Bravo Catherine!

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Kate -- I appreciate your writing to me!