Friday, October 30, 2009

Unexpected combinations

Sometimes it works to spend time "playing" in your closet, trying on newer pieces of clothing with old favorites and coming up with different combinations. You often find you have all kinds of "new" outfits and you don't need to buy anything that's actually new.

It turns out the same activity can be productive in the studio! I've been creating paintings in series recently, and today I got the idea to go through some of my older works on paper and see what went together. I turned my work tables end to end to give lots of space, and spread out everything I had that wasn't part of a definite series already.

I discovered all these great combinations that I never would have thought of before! Some paintings were made a few days ago, some a few months ago, and I even found some that had been sitting around for years. But these newly discovered groupings look fresh and unexpected to my eye when I see them together!

Next I'm going to mount the various groupings on the cradled boards I have ordered. Will post pictures ASAP.


CMC said...

Unbelievable....artist or not, there is a time to look professional for an interview and time to wear the painting clothes. If he had interviewed you in your studio, painting clothes might be a lot more appropriate.
I've been told I don't dress like an artist either but when I'm not painting, I like to dress how I want to, not to 'look' like an artist necessarily.

Catherine Carter said...

That's exactly what I realize now was so silly, Cheryl -- how one dresses has NOTHING to do with seriousness or ability. Besides, isn't the whole point of being in a creative profession so that you can express who YOU are, not who someone else thinks you are?

Well, I did learn a lot from the experience.